Saturday, January 14, 2012

Does Romney Have a "Spreading" Problem?

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but in this case it may just be lame. There's a new web site hoping to do for Mitt Romney what Dan Savage did for Rick Santorum.

The unknown creator(s) of is/are attempting to redefine the GOP front runner's last name to mean something disgusting in the hope that it will turn up in Google searches. The new definition of Romney is "to defecate in terror."

I first came across the site as a link posted to FaceBook. When I did the Google test myself, the site came up as the #17 search result, which appeared on the second page of the first 10. Not bad considering that it was launched anonymously, without the benefit of Dan Savage's legions of readers at Savage Love. There's a sort of poetic irony to seeing the Rick Santorum ad running in the top banner of Savage's love and sex advice column.

Even though Mitt Romney is a Mormon and that "church" is a co-founder and major source of funding of the hateful anti-gay group, the National Organization for Marriage, I don't recall Mittens using the level of hate speech that Santorum has used. And while I don't see the Romney redefinition campaign going very far, I find it amusing none the less. So, Google your little fingers off and see if you can help the cause.

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