Sunday, January 22, 2012

Santorum's Money Shot

You can't make this shit up. On the heels of the announcement on Friday that former senator Rick "Frothy Mix" Santorum actually won the Iowa caucus, the "come from behind" jokes have been all over the interwebs.

Given that Santorum's supporters have literally begged Dan Savage to take down his site ( and Little Ricky's wife has taken to whining to the press about the evil gays bullying her poor husband, who really does love us, even though he compared us to pedophiles and dog rapists, it's understandable that his campaign would be trying their best to fix his little Google problem.

The solution they came up with is called Conservatives Unite Moneybomb. That's right, boys and girls, CUM.

The goal of the site was to raise a cool million over the weekend, which they surpassed by raking in $1.68 million in 72 hours. Not bad. Turns out there's a lot of money in being a lying, hateful, sack of shit.

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